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caring-signing-agentsAs a Signing Agent of Signing Solutions, you will have access to signings across a variety of industries. We focus on building strong, long lasting relationships with experienced, National Notary Association (NNA) certified, and background screened notaries and attorneys.

Do you go above and beyond to make a great lasting impression with customers? If so, we want to collaborate with signing agent professionals that are responsive, detail oriented, and customer focused.

We Want You!

We are everything you want in a Signing company!

24-hour access to your signing requests through a dedicated signing agent portal.

Relationship driven – focus on quality signing agents per territory.

Increase your earning potential – The better the job you do—the more money you can make!

Tools to help you succeed! Our innovative technology will allow you to track and organize your signings.

No more worrying about payments – our pay cycles exceed the industry standard!

Expertise you can count on – Our dedicated team is available during all signings to handle any questions/concerns that might arise.

Ask how you can be part of our Total Quality Closing Program.

Testimonials from Signing Agents
I have been working with Signing Solutions, as a notary for almost a year now. I have absolutely enjoyed working with them. They are extremely well organized, and have a team of professionals working diligently, at all times, to ensure their clients are served timely, and accurately. If I, as a notary, have questions regarding a signing, they are extremely helpful and direct me to the proper person, or phone contact to resolve the issue at hand. They are knowledgeable and work as a team, again to ensure the client is always satisfied. There are actually several clients to satisfy, i.e. Lender, Title Company, and the party (ies) who are refinancing, or purchasing their home. I would highly recommend using Signing Solutions for all your notary needs.
Judy E. McCoy, Certified Notary Signing Agent
I have been working with Signing Solutions for the past 6 months, and I must say they are the best team I have worked with so far. From the very first call I get from them to schedule for a closing to the end of the closing, they are there for me. They are friendly, professional and responsive at all times. I got to know each member of the team by working with them frequently. During each closing, they are there to answer any questions me or the borrower might have, and are in total correspondence with the Lender to help facilitate all closings. They are a favorite on my list, and I am sure to give them my attention anytime I am called for a closing knowing they will be there for me. I love their portal method of communication, which allows us all to be on the same page throughout the closing from beginning to end. I am always sure to give them a smiling face each time we communicate because that is exactly how I feel about them and their services. In this line of business, the urgency of the docs and the eagerness of the borrower to close can sometimes be trying, but when I know it is with Signing Solutions, I am confident it will go smoothly. I recommend Signing Solutions to any Lender or Notary in this line of business.
Kukuwa Nuamah, Notary Signing Agent, VA
Thank you! I simply loved working with your team! The docs were received in a timely manner, any questions I asked were promptly answered, and a great customer service can-do demeanor. Thank you for a great experience. Together we make a very effective team! Thank you for your business!
Christine Oldham, BS, PMP, CNSA
I just wanted to take the time to express my opinion on doing business with Signing Solutions. I use to not want to do much business with Signing Agencies due to their poor communication, not paying within a reasonable timeframe and lack of organization. Well that's until I started doing business with Signing Solutions. I've dealt with nothing but friendly people in the office that all seem to be very organized and educated on what they are doing. I always get paid in a timely manner and they always seem to have a significant amount of business to pass along. I honestly have no complaints about anything with this company, I would highly recommend getting signed up with them to any Notary.
Breanne Hardy, TC & Notary Public
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